Are there any hidden fees with your payroll service?

No! The price we quote you for the month is the only charge you will incur. If the number of employees increases, then we add just $1.00 for the month per additional employee. Delivery charges are extra, if chosen. The only other nominal fee you will incur is at the end of the year in order to produce the year-end reports and W-2s.

We offer optional services such as workers’ comp administration, medical benefits, retirement plans, etc. for a nominal monthly charge.

Will switching payroll services mid-year cause any problems with my year-end reports?

Absolutely not! Pay1 Payroll Services will transfer your account to our service free of charge, so you will have all your records in one system. Your year-end reports will express your annual payroll information, regardless of when you switch to Pay1.

What if I have a mix of hourly and salaried employees?

Pay1’s system allows you to manage salaried and hourly employees on the same screen. Each employee can be customized with any payroll amount, type, or even payday!

How do I get my payroll checks?

Pay1 offers you many choices in how you and your employees receive your payroll checks. Pay1 offers free direct deposit to all our clients, regardless of which bank you use. Also, you can write manual checks from your checkbook. You can even print them directly from your computer- no special toner required! This method is the preferred choice of most of our clients. NEW! Pay1 now offers paycards to our clients at no additional cost.

What is the history of Pay1 Payroll Services?

Pay1online.com is the online portal for payroll created as an extension of a traditional payroll company, Honorpay, Inc. This payroll service was created by Accounting and Payroll experts with over 35 years of industry experience. Honorpay, Inc. and its related accounting company have been providing excellence in payroll since 1992.

How can I get more information about Pay1 and how it can help my business?

Feel free to visit our website, www.Pay1online.com for information on the web. To speak with a Pay1 specialist, please call our toll-free number at 1-800-788-Pay1 (7291). We will be more than willing to assist you in any questions you may have!